About us

Developments Unlimited International is a construction and real estate development conglomerate, it is wholly owned subsidiary of?Cornerstone Holdings.
We specialise in greenfield projects involving the design and build of general commercial real estate, hospitals, resorts, secure private residences, governmental or military infrastructure projects and grid scale, or large off-grid renewable energy enterprises.
For projects involving of secure, strategic or military nature, we work closely with our sister company,?Defence Unlimited.?
We bring an inspired, personable, confidential and innovative approach to all projects, which is why our clients love doing business with us and why they keep coming back.?
We do not tender for projects but enter into long-term partnerships with likeminded people and agree operating boundaries and delivery expectations.

Our Team

Edward Sawiris Banayoti

Edward Sawiris Banayoti has a distinguished record of ethical leadership. He is the CEO of Cornerstone Holdings Corp. and the founder and Executive Chairman of Defence Unlimited International. He is dedicated to supporting the highest standards of business ethics, with his extensive experience of more than 15 years in the fields of intelligence, international security,

Our approach - Technology and security integration in focus

Our clients can rest assured that the Developments Unlimited team approach to all of our projects, includes a base consideration of modern methods of construction, e.g. volumetric modular as wells as sustainable construction methodologies, including renewable energy systems.
In conjunction with our sister defence and technology companies and specialised partnered companies, we provide our clients with the most advanced technology as far as physical security and of data/telecoms security.
All of our design processes include a security specialist input and ultimately provide a ?720 Degree? level of overt or discreet security, appropriate to the clients desired outcomes.