Commercial Real Estate

Our development team bring the vast experience that they possess in numerous industries including shopping centres, hotels, entertainment, development, along with a breath of fresh air to the table for the client.

We do not tender on projects, but work with clients on an agreed basis for the successful delivery of a project. If Developments Unlimited invest in a project then key team members will form part of the project control group.

The very beginning of a project is the most important phase of any project, one which is often not recognised as a standalone phase and is unfortunately left in the hands of a ‘monocular’ resource.

A conceptualisation service that Dev.U offers, is a streamlined, speedier, more consultative, and a more economical alternative initiation strategy for clients to consider. You can think of it as pre-pre-construction strategy assembly.

Our services include Project Conceptualisation / Design Management / Team assembly.

This phase provides a Project Design Brief (PDB) for wide ranging design team briefing purposes. It is the precursor to commencing with any design, it is used to concisely brief design teams, financial Institutions, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, Project Managers etc.

Government and defence infrastructure

Our development team work closely with our Government clients as well as local communities to either finance or to secure finance, for key strategic infrastructure projects. We strive to ensure that these projects contribute to the local population employment and education and to the long-term goals of our governmental and military clients. In today’s age of ever increasing energy costs and water shortages, the Developments Unlimited teams design these projects with the aim of long-term affordable and quality of supply of both of these items.

Our secure facilities are fully coordinated and constructed from inception to include these options for your family, staff or force personnel safety.


  • Drone surveillance/ 24 -hour radar detection
  • Seismic/ground/water-based detection system
  • Local intelligence, surveillance and multifaceted detection


  • Physical security, close protection security personnel, exfiltration measures.
  • Counterattack measures, aggressive countermeasures.
  • Biological protection, close protection, exfiltration measures, secure rooms, supplies, off-grid power.


Soft Target counter-terrorism planning and security countermeasures by Developments Unlimited International.

Our team is comprised of project managers, engineers, ex-special forces operators and intelligence officers.

We provide the full turnkey service of all architecture and engineering on any type of project.

We are in experts in the detailed synchronisation of the built environment  and the integration of the various layers of security for government of private infrastructure, buildings, services, guests, personnel and the environment. This includes the design and build of specialist hardened structures if required.

It is imperative that we take full advantage of a project at its earliest stage, however, any project can be assessed and security systems put in place, even an existing one.

Developments Unlimited can provide a totally fit for purpose analysis and solution to your business.

We can supply physical on-site security for pre-construction phases, during construction and after a project is complete, as well as personal protection for guests if required.

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